Advantages of Home AFCI Breaker Circuit Protection

There are many reasons that electrical fires can start in the home. One of the best protections ways to reduces electrical fire threats is AFCI (arc-fault). AFCI detects any dangerous electric arc in its related circuit and breaks it. AFCI is very sensitive and is not comparable with the traditional circuit breaker.

Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Few years ago because copper was very expensive in compared with other materials like Aluminum, the common wiring for home constructions were Aluminum. But the problem is that Aluminum was very soft and electricians were not able to tight that wire with screw. Therefore, power transferring would make heat and sparking on the screw connection and is not safe for preferring of fire.

By new code there is one method for preferring of Aluminum connection to the Electrical parts. The name of the method is (pig tailing) after that method connection to electrical part will be copper instead of Aluminum.