Lighting Fixtures | Install and Repair Guide

Good lighting in your home interior makes your home more vibrant and pleasant. However, as a homeowner, you may need a new lighting fixture, or just fixing the existing one to transform the look of your home interior. Sometimes you may notice that certain areas of your home interior need additional lighting, maybe because you […]

Control Your Home Heating

Smart thermostat Smart thermostats are thermostats that can be used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home’s heating and/or air conditioning. They perform similar functions as a Programmable thermostat as they allow the user to control the temperature of their home throughout the day using a schedule, but also contain additional features, […]

Surge Protector

What is a Surge Protector? The surge protector definition is an electrical device that protects the computer system as well as various electronic devices from sudden voltages within electrical power otherwise transient voltage that supply from the power supply. In Canada, the limit of standard voltage used for home, office, or buildings is 120 volts. […]

Florescent Fixture Flickering in Coquitlam City

One customer from Coquitlam city called Redox Electric office and he wanted one electrician check the 4 lamp florescent which is flickering and installed on the ceiling in the kitchen. As the owner said they changed the bulbs in the fixture still the problem is there.

Controlling the Fall and Winter Energy Bills

Now that winter is around the corner and the temperature is already dropping and the heating bills will start to increase. Here are a few ways you can keep down your expenses this season. Lower the thermostat at night Wrap yourself up in bed and turn down the thermostat by 10 degrees. If you are […]

Some Electrical Parts Installation and Indoor Electrical Safety Checklist

GFCI outlet for ground fault circuit interrupter Since 1980, GFCI building code requirements that previously only used on construction site have expanded.  GFCIs are not required in many different rooms of your home especially those with moisture such as washroom, kitchen, pool area, etc. The GFCI cover the input and output levels being passed through […]

Hot Tub Spa Installation

Having a hot tub spa at home is a wonderful amenity. But before you have the ability to sit back and relax, there can be a lot of headache. Proper preparation is required before you position the hot tub and plug it in. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your […]

Smoke Detectors

Importance of Smoke Detectors Alarm or smoke detectors are installed in houses to provide early warning of a fire. Note that smoke detectors can only save lives when they are properly installed, tested and maintained. The most important subject is that all the smoke detectors must be connected together in the house area because if […]

Advantages of Home AFCI Breaker Circuit Protection

There are many reasons that electrical fires can start in the home. One of the best protections ways to reduces electrical fire threats is AFCI (arc-fault). AFCI detects any dangerous electric arc in its related circuit and breaks it. AFCI is very sensitive and is not comparable with the traditional circuit breaker. Dangers of Aluminum […]

Commercial Electrical Services & Electricians 

Electric power has become an essential part of daily life and business for more than a century. From the day it was introduced to power a lighting bulb to now that it powers autonomous cars.  Electric power is one of the cleanest and greenest energies, good for humans and the whole planet.