Commercial Electrical Services & Electricians 

Electric power has become an essential part of daily life and business for more than a century. From the day it was introduced to power a lighting bulb to now that it powers autonomous cars.  Electric power is one of the cleanest and greenest energies, good for humans and the whole planet.

It is used commercially to supply businesses and industries with power needed for daily operation; therefore, electrical design, installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrade are important factors for business success but how do you choose the most reliable commercial electrical services and electricians?!

In this article, we help you choose the best commercial electrical services and electricians so your business benefits from having cost effective and high quality services anytime.


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Commercial electrical services

Commercial electrical services cover all aspects of electrical needs of a business such as lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, appliances, equipments and machinery. Depending on the type of business, specific services might be needed as well.

When choosing a commercial electrical service, you should first ask all your questions and express all your concerns to make sure the service provider is experienced enough, not just in common electrical services but in your specific business type and individual needs. Services like energy saving solutions are extremely creative and personalized so make sure the service provider has a good reputation in offering such solutions.

In addition, Check their license and insurance coverage level so you know you are working with a legitimate service provider and in case of crisis, you do not experience any financial loss. In British Columbia, they must be licensed by Technical Safety BC and comply with the Safety Standards Act, regulations and codes. The license is renewed annually so check the date to see it is still valid. They are also required to provide bond and insurance. Pay attention to the coverage level according to the financial value of your project.

Next, clearly communicate your needs in order to be provided with a detailed and precise quote. Determine every detail up to product brands and demand solutions that lower your total cost. Make sure you are given a free quote and negotiate your desired price without being unfair.

Research and get references from their customers to have actual information about their performance and results. Check reliable online sources for customer testimonials. Make sure they have a reputation for acting professionally and delivering safe results with reasonable prices.

Set a timeframe and expect them to be on-time with project being delivered according to agreed schedule.

Control quality of their work and performance according to the initial agreement before making any payments. Consider agreed schedule, electric products, covered areas and professionalism in your evaluation.

If you are happy with the result, hold the contract for future maintenance and upgrades. Build relationship for years to come in order to benefit from trust and discounts.

If convenience, write a testimony about your satisfactory experience with them.

Commercial electricians

Electricians spend years on training and gaining experience but they must be certified in order to be reliable. Electrician certification is required only for the main electric contractor so if an electrician is working for a licensed electrical contractor, no licensing is required. In order to become Field Safety Representative (FSR) to sign the work performed by contractors, electricians must pass certification exam.

Electricians should be knowledgeable about latest industry best practices and safety guidelines according to Safety Standards Act.

Above all, they must act professionally on site.


Redox Electric

At Redox, we have one goal in mind, to serve you! We strive to provide your electrical needs in order to beautifully light up your business, to perfectly condition the air in your office and to masterfully troubleshoot your power emergencies. We aim to offer creative power saving solutions to help your budget.

We are an experienced full service company offering residential electrical services and commercial electrical services in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

We operate 24/7 for your convenience.

We offer competitive prices with discount to seniors as well as $30 for every new referral customer.

We strive for excellence, not just in technical aspects but in design too, providing state of the arts lighting that is appealing and efficient at the same time.

We apply the same perfectionism to building life-long relationships with our customers as they are our most valued assets that deserve the best services and their relationship is worth nurturing more than anything else.

Being on-time is critically important to us, as is performing professionally quick and clean for your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves for delivering safe, efficient and long lasting results.

We use only CSA approved electrical products to assure quality and safety.

We comply with Safety Standards Act and relevant codes and apply latest industry best practices.

We are BONDED and INSURED with $2 million liability coverage in order to provide the best and safest services possible with guaranteed results.

We have WCB coverage for safety of our electricians on site. Our electricians are highly skilled and under ongoing training to be up to date with the industry and market trends.

Our commercial electrical services include:

  • Energy saving solutions
  • Electric car charging unit installation
  • Parking lot lighting installation & repair
  • Air-conditioning maintenance & repair
  • Lighting design & maintenance
  • Emergency power & repairs
  • Back-Up power (UPS)
  • Generators & auxiliary power sources
  • Data & communication lines
  • Alarm systems
  • Network & computer cabling
  • New constructions
  • Underground wiring
  • Dedicated circuits
  • Specialty receptacles
  • Transformers
  • Control Panels
  • Motor controls
  • Code violation repairs
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • and Many more

At Redox, we are here to provide state of the art industrial electrical services according to your personalized needs. Our energy saving solutions save you time while meeting environmental and eco-friendly objectives and helping energy sustainability and the planet. Our Commercial electrical services are designed to lower your cost and help your budget while looking appealing, feeling right and performing efficiently.

Redox is here to Power your business!