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    Outdoor lighting

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    Lighting contrator

    Commercial Services

    •• Transformers

    Transformers are among the most expensive assets in an electrical system utilized by industry. Transformer replacement is usually more expensive than transformer repair. As a result, thorough maintenance and repair are critical to keeping your industrial complex operating.

    The size and strength of your commercial power transformer are determined by the size and power requirements of your facility. Your machines and other equipment may not operate properly or at all if your facility does not have adequate electricity. Redox Electric’s professional electricians can check, repair, and maintain your existing commercial power transformer.

    •• Lighting maintenance

    Lighting maintenance is planned ahead of time and performed regularly. The client and our company would sign a contract allowing us to maintain the agreed-upon area(s) at predetermined intervals. These contracts are usually monthly or quarterly in nature. You’ll always have a well-lit facility, and you’ll have more time to focus on running your business.

    •• Outdoor lighting

    Outdoor lighting fixtures and displays are used for a variety of reasons on commercial property. At night, the right lighting can enhance the property’s appearance. On entrances and building fronts, it can draw attention to the company name and logo. For entrances and exit doors, parking lots, and isolated walkways, specific types, and placements of lighting provide security.

    We understand that when it comes to outdoor lighting, every little detail matters.

    •• Parking lot lighting

    You’ll want to double-check that your parking lot lighting is working properly and that it provides good visibility for both automobiles and pedestrians. However, it isn’t just about functionality; you also want your parking lot lighting to look appealing throughout the day.

    We provide a variety of commercial parking lot lighting services to meet the requirements of every company.

    •• Lighting contractor

    We are the chosen commercial electrical contractor for many small- to mid-sized architects in serve BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley’s architectural community. We can handle any size commercial electric project quickly, effectively, and on budget, from design/build electrical services for contractors and architects to tenant improvements, light industrial, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. Importantly, everything should be done in code the first time, every time. You need an experienced commercial electrical contractor to get the job done correctly, whether you’re working on a new large-scale construction project or basic electrical repairs. Choose Redox Electric as your business electrical contractor in BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

    •• Priority dispatching

    Redox Electric provides professional electrical services. Our service technicians will be subjected to background checks. We are here to provide you with the best service possible.

    It shouldn’t be difficult to choose the best commercial electrician for your company. To have the task done perfectly the first time, you’ll need a dependable electrical specialist. This is where we come in. Every day, as a business owner, you must manage a multitude of responsibilities. So, you can keep focused on what matters most, you need a reliable partner to manage your electrical needs.

    •• Dedicated circuits

    A dedicated circuit is one that gives enough energy to bigger equipment that can’t obtain enough from a standard electrical outlet. A dedicated circuit is one that is utilized with only one appliance and is therefore devoted to that item. It will have a circuit breaker built into your electrical panel, which will ensure that appliances with high energy needs receive the power they require.

    •• Data & communication lines

    You can rely on Redox Electric for all of your data and communication line needs. We ensure that all communication lines are correctly connected when working with wired and wireless systems. We work with structured cabling systems and network technologies to meet the ever-increasing need for data and information network systems.

    •• Network & computer cabling

    When it comes to running a business, efficiency and communication are critical, and few things are more problematic than difficulties with computer network cabling, also known as Industrial Data Cabling. This infrastructure is used to handle a company’s technological requirements, which include anything from computer networking and wireless Internet to video/audio cabling, fiber cabling, and data center installation.

    •• Specialty receptacles

    Commercial electrical requirements might differ significantly from one company to the next. Considering your electrical outlet requirements may be beneficial whether you are setting up a workspace for a new business or enhancing your present workspace for productivity. Installing the appropriate specialty electrical receptacles may assist a firm boost employee convenience, improving safety, and increasing productivity.

    •• 220 Volt circuits

    220-volt circuits are used to power appliances that take a lot of currents. Our San Diego electricians are the area’s most experienced 220-volt circuit installers. We provide quick service and an extensive understanding of exactly what it takes to get the job done perfectly at Redox Electric.

    •• Exhaust fans

    In order to operate, many commercial facilities, such as restaurants and industrial buildings, require ventilation and exhaust fans.

    Redox Electric’s fully qualified electricians have been offering high-quality exhaust fan services to companies in BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. So, if you’re looking for a knowledgeable electrician to install an exhaust fan, give us a call!