Controlling the Fall and Winter Energy Bills

Now that winter is around the corner and the temperature is already dropping and the heating bills will start to increase. Here are a few ways you can keep down your expenses this season.

  • Lower the thermostat at night

Wrap yourself up in bed and turn down the thermostat by 10 degrees. If you are not moving around the house don’t use energy for the area that you don’t need.

Experts estimate that 70 percent of energy loss occurs in windows and doors, and that 90 percent of window heat loss occurs through the glass.

Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass was introduced through the glass to minimize infrared and ultraviolet light without reducing the amount of light coming into your home. Glass windows have a thin microscopic coating that is transparent and reflects heat. The coating is even thinner than human hair. The reflections of these windows’ glasses keep the interior of your home stable by reflecting the interior temperature. Applying this type of glass to homes that are more preferred in colder areas such as North Vancouver and West Vancouver Port Moody


  • Efficiency in LED

When stringing up your Christmas lights this year, try some LEDs they are more efficient than traditional ball and still deliver a great light.


  • Keep your heater maintained

Keeping them cleaned and changing your filters will help your heating system run efficiently.


  • Close up the drafts

 Look for possible openings and cracks that cause the air to leaks in and out of your house. To reduce the draft and save heating and cooling cost, get the openings and cracks around the windows and  doors sealed up by applying weather-stripping, door bottom strip, caulk, and spray, so you can control ventilation in your home better.


  • Unplug unused lights

During the day and before you go to bed unplug your Christmas lights. If they are not being used, they don’t need to be connected to the wall. Also try to be efficient with your Christmas lights and do not leave them on for more than 6 hours.


  • A brief word about space heaters

Using electrical space heaters will also help you control the heating expenses. Electrical space heaters are a cheap way to heat only the rooms that you are using. They will be more efficient than turning up the thermostat for the whole house, but don’t leave them running all day. Just make sure that you keep your haters made from curtains and furniture any children or pets from learning themselves. For more information or any question contact your local Redox Electric.


  • How a home electrical system works

We use electricity every day of our lives; powering our televisions, lights, and appliances. While these may seem easy enough to turn on with one click of a button, the steps that go into powering these things can be complex. H ere is a look at the system that goes into powering your home.


  • The home electrical system

All electricity or originates from the electrical utility company, BC Hydro in most areas. The electricity is transferred through power lines such as Abbotsford, Maple Ridge and Mission or underground lines to your home where it will go through the following series of connections.

  1. Electrical metre: The utility company uses the metre to measure the amount of energy being consumed and ultimately your monthly bill.
  2. Service panel: Here the electricity is disturbed throughout your house. A home is split up into different circuits or breakers. The fuses and circuit breakers within the panel or responsible for shutting off the circuits for protection against overheating and over loading. Sometimes sub panels may run off of the main panel for large appliances such as an oven. Several different rooms can be connected to the same breaker and it is not always clear what parts of the house are on which breaker, so make sure you have properly labelled your electrical service panel.
  3. Circuits: The circuits are running from the service panel deliver the electricity to a series of outlets and fixtures. The power runs along the circuit and back to the service panel in a loop in this way if there is a failure or interruption at any point in the circuit it will shut down the entire circuit.
  4. Outlets and switches: Outlets and switches are spread throughout your house. This is where you can tap your electricity for your television or turn on the lights. Maybe there are many or few outlets in any room. If you feel the need to move, remove or add an outlet, consult a professional. A new switch or outlet cannot always be installed at any point in the circuit and problems can occur at any point in this process. Problems can occur at any point in this process the inner workings of all these system are complex and dangerous if an expert electrician with – Redox Electric understands all the complexities and inner workings of your home electrical system. Therefore we can assist at any point to diagnose and fix any problems you may be experiencing.