Hot Tub Spa Installation

Having a hot tub spa at home is a wonderful amenity. But before you have the ability to sit back and relax, there can be a lot of headache. Proper preparation is required before you position the hot tub and plug it in. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your hot tub or spa installation.

Coquitlam offers a full range of services in the northeast part of the Metro Vancouver and is counted as a city center. Coquitlam with a population of 144,851.6 and area of 152.5 square kilometers is the sixth-largest city in the province. There is a high demand for using Hot Tub and Spa in hotels, inns, pools, and high raises building or houses in Coquitlam.

Location selection & setup

You probably have an idea of where you would like to place your hot tub. If you are planning to build a place for it outdoors, ensure that you have:

  • A firm level surface
  • Sufficient foundation material
  • An appropriate walkway

Keep in mind the warranty of your hot tub. Some bases can void the warranty and the material of surrounding walkway. For an indoor spa, ensure that the room you have chosen is suitable for the condition. You will require a strong foundation as well as suitable ventilation for the steam and moisture.

Municipal building code

Before a deck, support structure, or upgrade to a room in your home, check with your municipality that you are able to complete the improvements. You may require permits and there may be codes that your new structure must meet in addition to the manufactures, warranty. Building illegally can cost you more in the long run.

Electrical requirement

This is where a certified electricians important. Most hot tubs require approximately, 240 volt. A Hot tub does not plug directly into a standard outlet like other appliances; you will be required to add an additional circuit breaker into your main service panel. This can be a complex job and should be done correctly to keep your Family and home safe. In proper electrical wiring can cause electrical surge and fires.

Redox Electric professional electrician can install Hot tub and Span in a location like made rise as well as customer wants.

When upgrading florescent lighting, don’t forget the ballast:

We have lots of customer for fluorescent light repair here at Redox Electric. But before calling, always remember that if your fluorescent light fixture is burnt out or flickering, first change the bulbs to see if this corrects the problem and also save yourself some money. If you are not comfortable changing the bulbs due to location or any other safety concern, we would be very happy to help you. Fluorescent fixture still does not light up after changing the bulbs then the problem is most likely faulty ballast, or less commonly a possible wiring issue.

Fluorescent fixtures

Fluorescent light is the product of two components: the lamp and the ballast, the role of the ballast is to boost voltage for short duration. The ballast will then maintain a constant applied limited current to property operate the lamp. You must use the proper ballast for each type of fluorescent bulb. Bulb types are T12, T8, and T5.

Ballast upgrades

The ballast technology has improved a lot in the last 15 years. If you are not upgrading your ballast you won’t see the potential energy saving that efficient fluorescent lighting can provide. The new electronic ballasts operate differently from older electro-magnetic ballasts.

More control

Electronic ballasts can be manufactured to under drive or over drive. The lamps they support, producing more or less light. This allows you to adjust which need less light. The lighting pattern can now be changed due to work patterns and specific lighting requirements.

Dimmer switches

Dimming is also with electronic ballast. Present your dimmer and it can cut your light by 50% and this will save you money as well.

Less Heating

Electronic solid- state ballast produces less heat than electromagnetic. Type ballast what this means is if you are operating cooling equipment, such as food coolers or air conditioning during summer the electronic ballasts will help you save on cooling costs.