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    •• Install and Upgrade service & repair

    Root Electric stands out among home electrical contractors in Northern Virginia because of our unmatched attention to clients, devotion to quality, and stress on safety. We realize how important it is to preserve our customers’ investments in their homes, so we do all we can to ensure that our electrical installations and upgrades are the safest and highest-quality possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns concerning the electrical services in your house.

    •• Security lighting

    Your house is most likely one of your most prized possessions. Keep it secure from predators and thieves with effective and beautiful residential security lighting.

    For your residential security lighting system, Redox Electric can recommend a choice of lighting options. We begin with a visit to your house to discuss your problems. To choose the ideal residential security lighting system, our professional electricians will check inside your home and its surroundings.

    Our objective is to place lights at entrances and exits, as well as popular exterior places used by your family, such as driveways and parking lots. Your house will be in beautiful, soothing light when the day is done and the night begins.

    •• Track & accent lighting

    Redox Electric can not only maintain your present lighting fixtures, but we can also install track lighting or accent lighting to assist you to modify and design any extra lighting needs. Use track and accent lighting to light up your home’s creative architecture by adding its personality and uniqueness. Customized lighting is an excellent method to complete the aesthetic of your house.

    Continue reading for more information about the accent and track lighting options:

    • •Accent Lighting

    Torches, sconces, spotlights, and any other sort of light that accentuates a specific item or region of a place are examples of accent lighting.


    • •Track Lighting

    Track lighting is a sort of accent lighting that is both adjustable and adaptable. A light track can carry two, three, or even more separate lights that can be oriented in any direction.

    •• Landscape lighting

    You’ll want to double-check that your parking lot lighting is working properly and that it provides good visibility for both automobiles and pedestrians. However, it isn’t just about functionality; you also want your parking lot lighting to look appealing throughout the day.

    We provide a variety of commercial parking lot lighting services to meet the requirements of every company.

    •• Lighting control systems

    Lighting is a vital component of our everyday lives. To manage the level and quality of light in a particular place for various functions or conditions is known as light control. A lighting control system appropriately not only improves the experience but also saves energy by directing light to where it is most required.

    •• Arc fault protection

    Arc fault protection, often known as arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI), has existed for a long time.

    Arc fault prevention is a type of circuit protection that detects low-level, potentially dangerous arcing.

    An AFCI is designed to detect an overload or short circuit conditions, potentially hazardous arcing on a circuit that could result in an electrical fire. While a standard circuit breaker will trip when it detects an overload or short circuit condition.

    •• Surge protection

    At Redox Electric, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our clients’ lives by providing important services. We understand how important it is for you and your family to be secure. We also understand that the devices in your house are valuable and can be costly to replace. Whole-house surge protection can help limit the danger of harm or damage to your appliances and other expensive equipment, by stopping the surge before it reaches your home.

    •• Smoke detectors

    Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are two of the most overlooked home safety devices. They are the most cost-effective and life-saving investment you can make for your house and family. Countless lives have been saved thanks to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You must safeguard your house from harmful gases and smoke since fires and carbon monoxide leaks are common. Contact Redox Electric’s team of electricians if you need smoke detectors installed in your house.

    •• Code corrections

    Electrical system failure is the second largest cause of house fires each year.

    Your safety is our first priority at Redox Electric. We offer the knowledge, training, high-quality tools, and advanced technology to increase the safety of your house and ensure that you are following all code and safety laws.

    Electric code violations can pose major safety risks and should be corrected as soon as possible by a competent electrician. Old equipment, material damage, or simply an inexperienced contractor completing the task incorrectly can all cause problems.

    •• High tech troubleshooting

    Redox Electric’s electrician team specializes in BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley high-tech troubleshooting, repairs, and installations.

    We are fully qualified commercial and residential electricians. All forms of High-Tech Troubleshooting are fully serviced by us. We want to be your electrical contractor if you have a High-Tech Troubleshooting project in the BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

    •• Ceiling fan installation

    Ceiling fans may improve the comfort and aesthetics of your house. Redox Electric offers professional ceiling fan installation, as well as upgrades such as adding lights to your existing fans.

    Ceiling fans are a vital element of the aesthetics as well as the heating and cooling capacities of your house. Ceiling fans circulate cooled air throughout the hot months, keeping you cool. Ceiling fans may help you save money on electricity by pushing rising warm air down throughout your house all over the winter months.

    •• Breaker & fans

    The circuit breaker in your house serves two purposes. First, it divides the power that enters your home into circuits that supply energy to everywhere your house needs it. The circuits are then protected against overloads by circuit breakers, which block the flow when there is a danger.

    The main distribution of electrical circuits in your home is an electrical circuit breaker panel. The system collects and distributes power throughout your home.

    Your home’s fans all work together to keep it cool, eliminate excess moisture, and circulate air to maintain the best indoor air quality. You’ll need an electrician to remove existing fans and fixtures, install box bracing, correctly wire all controls, and more when it’s time to install any new type of fan in your home. Redox Electric can provide you with skilled electricians to do your project.

    •• Outlet & circuits

    Do you have a need for more outlets in your home or office? Our residential electricians at Redox Electric can add wiring, a junction box, and a receptacle to your existing house or business. In places where many appliances cause the breaker to trip, additional circuits and breakers can be installed. With the state of technology today, it seems that there is all the time a new gadget to take home or to the office. If you’re like the majority of our customers, you frequently desire more outlets to handle the ever-increasing number of plugs for all your sparkling new devices! Licensed electricians from Redox Electric can assist you.

    •• Service Panel upgrades

    Electrical panels in older homes may also need to be replaced. Your circuit breakers and fuses are kept in the electrical panel. It gets power from the electricity provider company and distributes it to all of your home’s circuits. Older electrical panels may not be able to meet the expectations of today’s households. Circuit breakers may trip or fuses may blow as a result.

    The major hub through which energy flows into your home is the electrical panels and fuse boxes, often known as breaker boxes or electrical service panels.

    Electrical panels necessitate work that should only be done by a certified electrician. Redox Electric’s skilled electricians can complete the task faster and more safely than anyone who isn’t certified or equipped to update an electrical panel.

    •• Electric water heaters

    Every day, water heaters give us clean, warm water. Electric water heaters may need repairs and maintenance unrelated to the water itself.

    It’s time to call Redox Electric when your water loses heat and you’re continuously taking cold showers. All electric water heaters are troubleshot, repaired, installed, and replaced by our skilled specialists.

    •• Aluminum re-wiring corrections

    Redox electric provides expert rewiring services across BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Electrical problems are one of the most prevalent causes of fire. However, by taking the necessary precautions, you may lessen the chances of you and your family being harmed by fire.

    •• GFI outlets

    If your house doesn’t already have GFI outlets, contact the experts at Redox Electric to get them installed as soon as possible. Our experts can also help you with outlet repairs and other electrical safety services for your home.

    • GFI outlets will keep your house and family safe.
    • Reasonably priced options.
    • Avoid harmful overloading of circuits.

    •• Data & communication lines

    Redox Electric can assist you if you have many computers and wish to set up your own network. When you can have dedicated ultra-fast connections in your house, why settle with interrupted, sluggish, and insecure wireless connections?

    Allow Redox Electric’s networking services to bring your home up to date by installing your switch, running your lines, and getting your PCs communicating at speeds that will make downloading, gaming, and file transfers a delight.

    •• Network & computer cabling

    Many homeowners are discovering that computer networks are a requirement at home, whether they conduct a business from home or telecommute. Before the drywall goes up, the best time to wire a home for a computer network is during construction. Wireless networks, however, have reduced the excess of cables that existed in workplaces and houses only a few years ago. Today, homeowners may connect to the Internet through a wireless hub in their houses, allowing many family members to surf at the same time. However, this can only happen if the proper infrastructure is in place.

    •• Emergency stand-by generators

    When the power goes out, a backup generator will automatically restore power to your home.

    When the electricity goes out, you’ll have peace of mind.

    Even if you are not at home, a standby generator detects a power outage and instantly starts up in less than a minute to restore electrical power to your home. We’ll be there for you during electrical storms, brownouts, and blackouts! Generators today are silent and powerful enough to power your entire home.

    •• Dimmer switches

    The dimmer switch is one of the greatest light switch installation options available these days. This is a gadget that regulates the amount of electricity transmitted to a light fixture, allowing you to adjust the quantity of light in a room. The light may be manually adjusted using the switch, which is essentially a slow sliding lever or turn dial. Because they are a step higher than ordinary switches, dimmers are popular in new homes.

    Are you seeking for a simple approach to regulating the state in any room of your house? Do you want a simple way to keep track of how much energy you consume each time you turn on the lights? So contact Redox Electric now, if you want to install dimmer switches in your house.

    •• Hot tub & spa circuits

    Your hot tub and spa at home are the center of your fun and relaxation. They create a classic ambiance for friendly get-togethers or peaceful moments of solitude. Water and electrical components are combined in your spa and hot tub. These elements are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous if not handled properly. The professionals at Allstars Electrical make it a priority to keep your activities safe and enjoyable. We consider your family’s safety when wiring your hot tub and spa circuits in BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

    •• Exhaust fans

    Do you have an exhaust fan in your home to help you better regulate the heat in your home? Then you’re dealing with one of the most in-demand services available to an electrician in your region!

    The function of exhaust fans is to allow your home to breathe, which is essential for any functional ventilation system. They remove moisture, fumes, smells, and smoke, resulting in better indoor air quality. They also aid in the removal of humidity and moisture, which may harm surfaces and furniture. Exhaust fans may make a space a lot more pleasant, comfortable, and healthful place to be. The fans offer essential ventilation in places of the house where there isn’t any or when additional spot ventilation is required.

    It’s critical to get the electrical wiring and venting for effective exhaust fan installation properly.

    The best person for this project is an experienced professional electrician.

    Call Redox Electric if you don’t have an exhaust fan in your home’s extremely humid or bad odorous areas, or if your present fans are not working. Licensed electricians will provide expert exhaust fan installation as well as a house electrical check.