Every business will need a skilled commercial electrician at any moment in time. Commercial electrical projects require far greater expertise than ordinary home electrical needs. Moreover, the quality of electrical work on such establishments will have a direct effect on both the function and aesthetics of the business, thus impacting the company’s profitability. Highly qualified commercial electrical specialists are the key to your commercial success.

At Redox Electric, we recognize that the needs of every individual customer are important to us. We focus on providing quality commercial electrical services to our clients coupled with high customer service standards. You can always trust the Redox Electric team to deliver where others falter.

Commercial and Industrial solutions for your business

The experience within our team allows them to work with many different kinds of electrical projects, working efficiently and accurately to get desired results. Over the years, we have established a reputation of quality and success in Surrey, and we are here to continue serving you to ensure continued excellence.

Free Commercial Electric Diagnosis

Troubleshooting your electrical problem as quickly as possible is one of our main goals. Our electricians are equipped with skills that allow them to diagnose all types of electrical issues, including in-wall and underground wire tracing to identify faults.

We can troubleshoot electrical issues in parking lot lighting, electric signs, panel boxes, breakers, dedicated outlets and circuits, Meterbanks & Meter Can, and lighting installations.

Irrespective of what type of electronic equipment within your business enterprise, you can always look up to us to sort your troubleshooting needs 24/7 to identify even the most complex electrical issues. The good news is that this service is free of charge.

Installations and Upgrades

When you live in an area known for strong lighting and power surges, all you need is to have electrical installations that can withstand the power surges to protect your electrical equipment. You need to upgrade and install surge protection devices that will help protect your sensitive equipment from electrical surges.

Avoid potential dangers and damage to expensive equipment with the proper installation of new and replacement of existing equipment for your commercial establishment. Contact us to get to know what you need for your electrical installations and upgrades to avoid potential problems in the future.

Commercial electrical improvements

Our team of highly qualified commercial electrical specialists will sort out your electrical improvement needs, from simple outlet installations to lighting and complete renovations. When you search for a commercial electrician near me, you will get the best industrial electricians to help you sort out all your industrial electrical service needs.

Our focus is to ensure you have installations that boost energy efficiency because we are here to help you achieve optimum results in terms of energy consumption for the success of your business.

Commercial Electrical Safety and Security

When we talk about the safety and security of your commercial establishment, we talk about your entire business components, including office items and people inside the building. The safety and security of your employees and customers should be your number one priority. This is where the Redox Electric team becomes your number one go-to-person to sort out your safety and security needs.

Our commercial electricians will help you address all of your safety and security needs, including motion detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security lights, backup generators, surge protection, arch faults breakers and generators, and transfer switches among other services.

Commercial specialty lighting

One of the most sought after commercial electric lighting services is the specialty lighting for commercial establishments. Many businesses have taken note of the need for custom lighting in their establishments because it is a perfect setting for success.

Redox Electric’s team of local electricians are ready to work on commercial specialty lighting needs, from adding ambiance to improving convenience and boosting energy savings. Our commercial electric service offers an array of commercial specialty lighting solutions for all your commercial needs.

We design and manufacture flawless lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality, and commercial residential buildings in Surrey.

In need of local electricians for commercial specialty lighting in the Surrey area, get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs and customize your service needs.

Commercial energy savings and audits

Don’t let skyrocketing energy costs take off with your hard-earned profits. Learn more about ways your business can save energy, money, and the environment. Schedule your complimentary energy audit with Mr. Electric today.


What can you expect from Redox Electric’s Commercial Electrical Services?

Our certified electricians will be responsible for many activities within your commercial installations, including:

  • Scheduling evaluations and inspections
  • Troubleshooting the issues affecting your electrical installations
  • Overseeing and managing all aspects of the project
  • Working with all the building experts, architects, and building engineers where need be to develop a wholesome and workable installation plan
  • Being available and attending to any form of emergency
  • Meeting deadlines for all our electrical works assigned
  • Working within your budget
  • Offering energy-saving alternatives for your commercial electrical needs
  • Hiring and maintaining the best local electricians.

Additionally, working with us will help you overcome many challenges in electrical installation and servicing tasks. World over, it’s advisable to use one commercial electrical services company for all your electrical needs because of many reasons. For example, when you hire the Redox Electric team for all your electrical needs, we develop designs and understand the entire system layout. Safety is our priority, hence we take into account all the safety procedures in place such as insurance for both the owner and the workers to protect all parties involved in the project. We also ensure everything is done in writing to avoid issues of miscommunications during and after project completion.

Find a commercial electrician near me

Are you ready to put your commercial site in safe and manageable condition? Redox Electric is proud to offer you the best FREE commercial electrical diagnosis, commercial electrical installations, commercial electrical repairs, commercial electrical upgrades, etc.

Note that electrical work is not a DIY kind of project, so it’s advisable to let professionals work on your electrical needs to get the best in terms of productivity and safety. That is, when you need electrical repairs, installations, or specialty service, you will need a commercial electrician to do any of these services.