Do your light bulbs keep flickering? Have you had to replace many electrical outlets in your building due to failure and sparking? Do you occasionally smell burning or melting wires around your home or office? Maybe it is time to install, maintain, or change your electrical panel completely.

But, what is an electrical panel?

An electric panel is a box containing the different wires connected to breakers (switches) that control the power to your building. Just as new upgrades are made to your facility; it means that you have more wires connected to more outlets. As with any electrical installation, it is necessary to maintain your electric panel or choose to upgrade it after a while.

When is a good time to do maintenance to my electrical panels?

Regular checks to your electrical panel would save you many costs associated with total building rewiring and replacements of electrical installations.

How to install an electrical panel?

At Redox Electric we do not recommend installing it by yourself, when it comes to electrical panel installation an professional installation service ensures that you can enjoy living in your building without the added costs of having to replace new and existing electrical appliances. This also affects panel upgrade and maintenance services.

About Redox Electric

At Redox electric, we are a local electric company located in Lower Mainland, Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to providing outstanding local electrical services to Vancouver and its surrounding areas.

We are a team of local electricians equipped with years of experience handling commercial and residential electrical services capable of handling different electrical panel services, including; panel installation, panel upgrades, and panel maintenance.

We provide excellent electrical construction, renovation, and maintenance services. We are the trusted local electrician service you can rely on to resolve commercial applications’ electrical issues as quickly as possible. We also work optimally to avoid or minimize any delay or interruption in your daily operations.

Why choose us?

At Redox Electric, we understand the vital need to help you save costs in the long run. This is why our primary goal is to provide excellent electrical services that keep you happy and safe from all electrical injuries.

We are the preferred choice when you need to find a local electrician near you because;

  • Full quality electrical services
  • Local Certified Electricians
  • Bonded and Insured to the amount of $2 million liability
  • Up-front pricing
  • 24-hour emergency electrical services

Our electricians also provide a complete electrical analysis and inspection of your home. This electrical analysis calculates the amount of load your electrical panel should carry. Through this assessment, you will be advised on whether your building requires an electrical panel upgrade or a full change.