Our Unique Approach to Residential Electrical Services

Redox Electric is aware that every home is unique, and being able to adapt an electrical system based on the home design and uniqueness is one of the basic principles the company uses to fulfill its customer needs.

We are adaptable, knowledgeable, and professional in our service delivery. Redox Electric electricians will communicate clearly with homeowners and educate them on their electrical needs before they even begin work. They will also give technical advice on how to improve current projects, and only move forward when every party is satisfied with the proposed project.

On the aspect of repair or upgrade, we are aware that your home is made up of hundreds of different electrical parts, appliances, and thousands of wires. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to think that after some time, your electrical equipment will face tear and wear. The parts may need to be inspected, repaired, or replaced.

Whatever your electrical issue is, the Redox Electric team is here to come to your rescue. As such, we focus on the following services to deliver a perfect electrical installation:


The most sought after service from our team is troubleshooting. Our team of residential electricians can troubleshoot practically any electrical problem you may have in your house, including a partial blackout that does not affect your neighbour. Another common problem is a finicky light that won’t turn on, among hundreds of any other electrical issue.

It doesn’t hurt to get a licensed local electrician to sort out your residential electrical system. These professionals will troubleshoot the problem to identify the problem before recommending the best solution.

Remember our team of electricians will use their knowledge and experience to not only troubleshoot the current issues with your electrical system but also identify potential problems that may arise in the future.

To get adequate assistance from our ready and able team, get an electrician free estimate of your electrical needs.



Installation and Replacement of your electrical systems

In many instances, you or one of our local electricians may come across an issue that requires a bit more than just troubleshooting and inspecting.

Similarly, you may just need a completely new installation or replacement of some parts or the entire system. Our team is up to the task with such needs and will offer you will reliable installation and replacement services for any electrical equipment within your residential home.

This could include the need to fix a new light, or replacing just a bulb in a hard to reach the place. It doesn’t matter whatever the part you need fixing or replacement, our team of local electricians will be ready to provide local electrician service.

If you need a residential electrician to come to fix your electrical needs, get in touch with your local electrical contractor, Redox Electric.

Get your electrician a free estimate for your electrical needs by contacting our team here.



Wiring your home

Wiring is arguably one of the most important parts of the electrical system in your home, and also the most complicated. Over time the electrical wires become loose, cracked, or frayed. Such can cause potential shorts in electrical flow.

We’ve all heard of a mysterious fire breaking in a building that looks safe from outside. Electrical faults are some of the leading causes of fires in residential homes. Faulty wiring can also cause electrocution.

Such problems should be dealt with immediately they are identified, and no one is better placed to carry out such a task as our residential electricians.

As your dedicated electrical contractor, we endeavour to ensure you get a proper local electrician from our team to handle your electrical needs. The work may range from a simple fixing of a broken wire to a complete review of the wiring system and rewiring.

To get the best local electrician service in the Surrey area, Get in touch with us here.


Upgrading your electrical systems

Some of the original electrical panels in your homes may have been there for many years, or some were made from low-quality materials. In such a case, an electric service upgrade is often recommended or required to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service.

Redox Electric as your dedicated electrical contractor is not only about emergencies and problems arising from your electrical faults. In many cases, you may require a new electrical or lighting setup and wants some trusted and licensed local electricians to do your entire electrical system. This could be outside your home where you want to install security lights, swimming pool heating system, or inside doing normal electrical wiring for coolants and lightings.

Our team of local electricians will be ready to help you do a complete setup or upgrade of your home’s electrical system. Whenever you need a complete upgrade of your home’s electric system, get in touch with us and receive electrician free estimates for your work.



Redox services are backed with a one-year material and labour warranty. This warranty is effective upon completion of the work. It means exactly one year after our technician completed the customer service, the warranty for that customer will expire. Please note that the material warranty only applies to goods supplied by Redox Electric.

REDOX ELECTRIC HAS A FULLY LICENCED, BONDED, INSURED, and an experienced team of electricians who are equipped to help you with any electrical issues.

We work from concept to completion, with our team at Redox Electric ready to serve you. Our customer service will take your inquiry and hand it over to the technical team will advise you accordingly.