Importance of Smoke Detectors

Alarm or smoke detectors are installed in houses to provide early warning of a fire. Note that smoke detectors can only save lives when they are properly installed, tested and maintained. The most important subject is that all the smoke detectors must be connected together in house area because if some problems appear in the home area all smoke detectors will start beeping. The smoke detectors working age usually is 10 years so recommending that   replace them with new ones.

Area of Smoke Detectors Installation

According to electrical codes in each level of house must have smoke Alarms and by the new code in each sleeping room must be installed one smoke detector as well as outside sleeping rooms such as living room and hallway to have sufficient time to run away from the fire.

Regular Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector

Regular smoke detector can be installed everywhere except the area which installed furnace already. Carbon monoxide smoke detector must be installed in basement and main floor. Installing at least one carbon monoxide smoke detector in hallway is essential also.

Battery Backup in Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors usually have battery back-up for no power in the house so smoke detector always will be activated. Replace the backup battery of hard-wired smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm at least once per year so that smoke detectors can operate without electricity at home during power outages.